Pharmakon Promotional Products...

Promotional Items - Our primary focus is to provide pharmaceutical marketing tools that will get the attention that your product deserves. With displays and functional reminders that are sure to add value to physicians thinking about your therapeutic expertise long after the visit.

With 25 years of experience in custom solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, bringing an understanding of innovative style and knowledge of brand name recognition that would be tailored to be uniquely your own. From custom clipboards, flip charts, calendars, sliding calculators, to inventing a new concept that will meet the challenge to set you apart. We listen to you and design around your vision; a solid vehicle that delivers.

Regards calendars; send us several of your brochures and we will create a mock up design that will make you an indispensable keeper. This we will do at no charge, in exchange for the opportunity to share with you the quality of our work.


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